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550 N. Hwy 27/441, Lady Lake, FL 32159, USA

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September 05, 2023

Ants everywhere in the restaurant around the front left side. I killed about 40 with my shoes and then we had to move three times. The general manager was actually running the cash register so I went up and told him and he said oh we just had pest control out here. I guess we need to call them back again. Didn’t even bother to come out and look or apologize and stayed behind the counter gossiping with the staff, which was more important than the ants that were running my son and I away from where we were eating . Message to the owner hire a new general manager at least one that seems to care about what’s going on in the restaurant.

November 18, 2023

My chicken sandwich was perfect. Hot crispy chicken and nice fresh lettuce and tomato. My curly fries were also right out of the fryer fresh and crispy and delicious. Everyone's prices are up including Arby's but at least it's a very tasty chicken sandwich. Their large shakes are also the best deal in that category among the fast food places.

Lila Dickinson
November 08, 2023

Arby's is the only "fast food" we will stop at now. The staff is always polite and very responsive. Our food is always right that is important as I have food allergies. The prices are not any more than any other typical quick stop establishment and lobby is always clean

Chris Hanes
October 02, 2018

This location has consistently had good service for me over the last few months. The employees are helpful and nice and get my order to me in a hurry. The brisket sandwich was a little dry for my taste but the sliders were a nice, affordable treat. Be prepared to spend a little more than your usual fast food restaurant as my brisket sandwich value meal (medium) was just under $10 after tax.

Sydney Townend
September 23, 2023

I placed an app order thinking I could pick up at the drive through-like every other fast food restaurant. I have 3 kids 3 and under and can't leave leave them unattended in a car and can't drag them in. When I got to the drive through (0 people ahead or behind me) - I said I was picking up a mobile order for Sydney. The woman on the mic gave a scoffed and said "Can you just come inside?" I replied with "no, I can't" She told me "fine, come to the window". I drove to the window and her back was towards me - She then looked over her shoulder and cut her eyes at me before walking over to (who I assume to be) her manager and taking a bag and a drink - which I'm guessing was my order (nobody else around). He took it back from her and put it down and followed her over to the window while she told me I had to wait as my order wasn't going to be ready for 3 more minutes. The manager started speaking over her explaining that "the app tells you to come inside" (yes it does...after you place the order) - so basically, they're doing me a favor by not making me come into the restaurant, but I have to wait 3 minutes until the app said my order would be ready. I can't believe how ridiculously rude and condescending he was and what an attitude she had. I told them to keep the food and refund my money - he said something along the lines ok "ok, bye". Ironically enough, as I pulled out of the drive through, an alert came through that my food was ready....and never was refunded.


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550 N. Hwy 27/441, Lady Lake, FL 32159, USA

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