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Rae Rae’s Restaurant

2468 U.S. Hwy 441 #27, Fruitland Park, FL 34731, USA

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Beth Costlow
October 22, 2022

We arrived at the end of the breakfast rush, and were seated quickly. Beverages arrived in a timely manner, and the server gave us plenty of time to look over the extensive and creative menu. After we ordered, the food took awhile to arrive. It was fine for adults, but the wait would've frustrated a small child. It was worth the wait! My omelette was as light and fluffy as promised on the menu. It was chock-full of meat, and had a healthy serving of cheese on top. I had potatoes and a blueberry biscuit on the side. The potatoes were well seasoned and nicely cooked. The biscuit was fabulous!! It had icing, tons of blueberries, and was hot from the grill.

Laurie Bridges
May 20, 2022

First time there, so can only speak to breakfast.... and it was WONDERFUL! Very friendly staff and apparently they have a lot of regulars throughout the restaurant who knew each other and were also very friendly and welcoming to "newbies." I got the "Gordaddy," which consists of a HUGE helping of the best biscuits and gravy I've ever eaten, two eggs (I chose over-medium, which were done perfectly), delicious potatoes (perfectly crispy on the outside and seasoned) and your choice of biscuit or toast ( I went with a biscuit which, of course, I had to take with me because I was so full). The biscuit that came with the biscuits and gravy is square, huge, fluffy, sliced in half and then grilled before being topped with their yummy gravy. Unlike some restaurants that seem to think sausage gravy should just have a piece of sausage waved over it, this gravy actually contained sausage. For my additional biscuit, I got their blueberry biscuit which was chock full of large blueberries. Their regular coffee was good, but not out-of-this world fantastic. I noticed they also offer some specialty coffees (espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) and so I will probably try some of those in the future. As others have mentioned, it's "Cash Only," as posted on the entry door, but I really don't mind them avoiding the up to 3.5% transaction fee that businesses have to pay when we use a credit card (which is no doubt passed on to us at other businesses). You just need to remember this and plan a bit. Really enjoyed this place and will be back!

Patrick C
February 25, 2022

I wanted this to be my go to for breakfast but Rae Rae's fell short of being a "great" restaurant. The place only had about 6 tables going. To sum things up the one guy spent so much time entering orders into that fancy computer system some salesmen sold them on, he left food sitting on the cooks counter under the heat lamp for to long. Getting the food out QUICKLY should be JOB ONE. The napkins they use are GROSS they "flake" dust particles all over the table and ON YOUR SILVERWARE. If they are using a laundry service they should change it. If they are doing it themsleves they need to use other detergent and or softner. Every table top is glass which shows up everything including the lack of a thorough cleaning. I went to sit down at one table but it was so gross and unclean I had to choose another. The food was EXCELLENT however my potatoes only had a few in the serving. Kinda disapointing. And the biscuits and gravy was ICE COLD. I had to get them to warm it up. The breakfast I ordered came with a blueberry biscuit as well. It was delicious. As you can see, I cleaned my plate. The biscuits and gravy once reheated was AWESOME. The place was DIRTY basically see the one pic of the floor as you walk in. I think if they take this "constructive criticism and change a few things one being get rid of the fancy point of sale system and get an old paper system that they hang tickets in front of the cook maybe they can turn things around. And spend more time getting the food out quickly & CLEANING instead of entering tickets they may get 5 stars out of me. Oh yeah the coffee was meh. Fruitland Coffee co or something the lady told me. Not a fan at all.

Dreama Shifflett
September 15, 2022

My significant other and I came here to eat on 9/11/2022 for breakfast. Yes, it was very busy as we came in right at about 10:35AM. However we were seated, waited on, and out the door by 11:37AM. The food is OUTSTANDING. I had the fried chicken and gravy breakfast with over hard eggs and fries instead of breakfast potatoes. My eggs were made perfectly. Their fries are a one of a kind and don't get me started on that country gravy! Their Blueberry Muffins are a top notch favorite, look at how delicious it looks! My only comments on the restaurant itself would be to have a sign stating you must sign your own name on the wait list if they are busy with a waitlist as we were not aware. I used to work as a hostess so I am used to someone having to walk up to the customer to greet them and get their name. But that small minor hiccup would never stop me from coming back. I can't imagine going anywhere else locally for breakfast now.

Augster O
February 08, 2017

Rae Rae's is a small, local place with fantastic food. I love biscuits. And I love going South to sample biscuits. Rae Rae's uses their biscuits for most everything. I got the biscuits and gravy. Wonderful. The gravy is a bit spicy. They also put biscuits under the eggs Benedict, instead of English muffins. Fantastic. They also have blueberry biscuits, strawberry biscuits, and they use a biscuit to make a pseudo-strawberry shortcake where the shortcake part is a biscuit. The biscuits are delicious. They are my new favorite. ANYWHERE. I'll be back whenever I'm down. Also, I usually hate "American Fries" as I'm a hash brown guy and was sad they don't do hashbrowns here. Never fear, their side of potatoes are cooked and seasoned so well, I like them BETTER than any hashbrowns I've had. I can't wait to get back.

Rae Rae’s Restaurant

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2468 U.S. Hwy 441 #27, Fruitland Park, FL 34731, USA

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