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Red Lobster

3830 Wedgewood Ln, The Villages, FL 32162, USA

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Veronique Cheniaux
November 04, 2023

I had not been to Red Lobster for ages and tried the one on 466 in the Villages. I was not disappointed. The endless shrimp deal is amazing and I went home with enough left overs for 2 extra meals, 4 fresh biscuits and fresh drink. I had their yummy Brussels sprouts as an extra side and they were out of this world! I had the most courteous, bubbly, and helpful waitress named Pita. I highly recommend!

jessica r.
November 14, 2023

I rarely leave bad reviews but this one was horrible and we ended up getting food poisoning My husband, daughter, and I were greeted and promptly seated. There were only 5 other tables occupied and more than enough staff. We waited 15 minutes for someone to come to our table and when someone finally came it was just to ask if someone had come for our drinks. For the next 7 minutes, 3 different servers came to ask if anyone had come to get our drinks. After 10 minutes someone finally took our drinks. During those almost 30 minutes we were seated waiting for just our drinks to be taken, we noticed 2 other parties being seated and a server promptly going over and taking their drink orders. After being seated for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES (45) we finally had our food order taken. Another almost 30 minutes wait for our food (stuffed fish, fish sandwich, and a lobster bisque), just to be disappointed with the quality and taste. My lobster bisque was cold and my daughter complained that her fries were cold. She had 2 pieces of fried fish for her sandwich. One piece was good but the other one was almost all breading and it had been refried. My husband loved his sides but said something was weird about the stuffed fish. He thought maybe it was the stuffing so he took most of it out from one of the portions. I didn't eat my bisque since it was cold and no one came to check on us so I could ask for it to be reheated. I was hungry so I took 2 bites from the other fish portion from my husband's plate when I realized the fish was undercooked and it was the fish that had a strange taste, not the stuffing. We waited (some more) for someone to come to our table to see how we were doing, and to offer dessert (I was hungry still and wanted to try the chocolate cake) but no one came. We asked a waitress who was standing to the side if she could please send a waitress. When she asked us who was our waitress we were honest and said "We don't have one. It's been different wait staff taking orders and bringing the food" She went to see who could come to our table and when she returned she had the table kiosk and politely told us we could just pay at the table. We didn't want to pay, we wanted dessert. We weren't asked how was our meal or if we wanted more drinks or a dessert. Just a "pay here". My husband and I left so disappointed with the service and the lack of quality food. We wondered if our being a young Hispanic couple had anything to do with our lack of service since we couldn't help but notice we were the only young couple there and the only people of color. To top EVERYTHING off, WE GOT FOOD POISONING! Red Lobster was the only thing we ate that day besides some pastries for breakfast. My husband had it worse since he ate most of the meal. High fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Not only did we waste time and money on food from here but I also had to spend money on getting medicine, ginger ale, and a few other things delivered to our home to try and alleviate our pain. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE DINE HERE AND WE WILL NOT BE SUGGESTING THIS PLACE TO ANYONE.

Steven Provost
August 15, 2023

Had the endless shrimp before and the Tuesday crab today, both have been absolutely delicious! Service is friendly and attentive. The AC was out during our visit but they had dehumidifiers and portable units which helped. Won't deter me from coming back though, the food is

Mary Swain
July 03, 2023

The salads were a little warm and came with our meal instead of ahead of our food. The crab legs on the crab feast were good at best... They were a little bit over cooked and cold. And it looked small for a pound... The potatoes they are served on did not have any flavor. I guess they were just garnish, not really edible. The all you can eat shrimp is a real deal. Every plate of shrimp was good. I also ordered the watermelon martini, drank it before I got a pic... Wasn't too bad. And of course the garlic cheese bisques are always the best thing there.

Love Me
September 15, 2023

I am giving this place a one because after going to the Red Lobster in my home town I feel cheated on my order at the Villages. Then I asked the server if all of my food was in the bag for which he said yes, I set down to eat and my pasta wasn’t in my bag. I had to leave work and go back and get it. I was not happy with their service at all.

Red Lobster

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3830 Wedgewood Ln, The Villages, FL 32162, USA

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